What is stewardship?

We Invite You

to become a Christian steward of your God given gifts of time and talent.

Our faith tells us all that we have, and all that we are is a gift from our generous and benevolent God.

Stewards look at giving as a response for the blessings God has given us, not as an obligation or burden.

We did nothing to receive the gifts of life, faith, family, love, health, etc.

God asks us simply to use our gifts to help build the kingdom.

Thank you for taking the time to becomefamiliar with the many ministries offered atNativity Catholic Church.

We hope that among them you will find one or more opportunities to use your time and talent to serve others in His name.


The time we choose to give to God shows how much He means to us. If you’d like to serve at Mass, you could become an altar server, lector or usher. Eucharistic Ministers serve at Mass, and they bring Communion to persons in hospitals, nursing facilities and private homes.

You could be a Food Pantry volunteer, serving those in need in our community. If you’d like to help the children of our parish, you might become a religious education teacher or you could join Youth Ministry , Family Liturgy Committee or the various Scouting troops associated with our parish.

You could choose to enjoy the fun and fellowship of our many ministries and service organizations including: the Knights of Columbus, the Women’s Guild, the Men’s Club, Hispanic Small Christian Communities and the Legion of Mary.

The most important gift of time is set aside for daily prayer, inviting Him into our lives, seeking His peace amidst our busyness, seeing His face in those we serve.


God has blessed each of us with talents that can serve our Church and community. Creative or musical gifts can enhance our celebration of Mass as a choir member, musician, or as a member of our Art & Environment Planning Committee, who decorate our Church.

But talents extend beyond the creative sphere. If you’re a “people person”, you could be a great help to our “Greeters” ministry. Or you might possess the wonderful ability to listen and understand, just as our “Bereavement” ministers serve those who are grieving and our Respite volunteers assists those who are long-term caregivers. God has blessed each of us in many ways. Just as He has been generous to us, we should generously offer our talents back to God through service to our parish.


In our consumer society today, advertising makes the things we want to seem like needs. What we give to the Lord is often a leftover. But God showed us the way to true giving when He gave us His only Son. Jesus challenges us to put God’s priorities before our own, trusting that He will meet our needs: “Your heavenly Father knows all that you need. Seek first His kingship over you, His way of holiness, and all of these things will be given to you besides.”

Putting our trust in God, rather than in the temporary things of this world, can transform our lives, to free us from the confusion of misplaced priorities. First look at your current gift. Reflect on your blessings, then take a step in faith to gradually increase the percentage of that gift over time.

The Bible gives us a guide to work toward: a “tithe” of ten percent, so that for every dollar we earn,it is usually suggested that a good steward share 4% of his/her income with the parish, 1% to the diocese (Annual Pastoral Appeal) and 5% to other worldly charities. This is God’s plan, to enable the Church to minister to the needs of all his children, knowing that whatever we do for “the least among us,” we do for him.

Thank you for your generosity!

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Online Giving

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